Gielle Technoplast lands in Europe with the Hannover Messe 2015


Gielle Technoplast lands in Europe with the Hannover Messe 2015


rom 13 to 17 April 2015, in Hannover, in the heart of german industry, has taken place one of the most important world’s Fair for the subcontracting and mechanical field.
A new record of visitors was registered: more of 220.000 people which 70.000 provenent from outside Germany. The Hannover Messe contained companies of several filed of market, divided in different halls. The industrial automation and the motion drive and automation sectors have occupied 15 halls, where new generation projects were presented, like robot, automatic machineries very rapid, and new production chain systems. This all attracted all visitors, and the main sponsor was Siemens.
Four of the hall present at the event were occupied by companies that work for renewable energies, The industrial supply companies were divided in three hall, that gathered companies coming from different areas of the world.
Three of the hall were totally dedicated at fields like research and develop, Comvac and Surface coating technology.

Gielle technoplast has participated inside an italian stand, with collective formula, located in industrial supply area. The company presented its production at the european Market, together at other three companies.
The stand and the Fair were organized by the PM Progetti, that has participated with the Gielle Technoplast La-Mec and the Elettromeccanica Palamini with a complete project of internationalization mission.
La settimana di manifestazione ha dato la possibilità di conoscere, confrontarsi ed incontrarsi con aziende di un panorama mondiale.
The manifestation’s week gave the possibility to know, to match and to meet new companies.
Within the event there were small mechanical companies, grouped in collectives sponsored by National and Local orgnaizations, and multinational corporations. The importance for small companies of to present it with a group allows at all kind of reality to participate at next events. There is the need to create the “group culture” because is the winning key to approach at international markets.

The Hannover Messe 2015 has confirmed its success, in all present sectors, prompting new category of visibility inspiration between exhibitors and visitors that come from all world areas.
The companies that had participated with the PM Progetti, they evaluated the mission very satisfactory and the Fair gave the possibility to have new excellent contacts and new relationships.
Events like the Hannover Messe 2015 are useful to collect a large number of business contacts. Gielle Technoplast and the other companies, will come back home with a big experience that makes it more excited to participate at the next event!

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