The design is totally customized

Their realization is made possible thanks to the professionalism and complementing our corporate partners ready to complete all the requests.

For prototypes or small production, Gielle Technoplast has a department for mechanical processing of semi-finished plastics to perform with quality and speed executions cutting, turning, milling, grinding and welding.
Our company, plans and realizes plastic components in different sizes.

Following the request of the customer, together we evaluate the use of the materials according to their final destination, thanks to a careful study of the raw materials used and their technical properties of application guarantee a quality finished product.

Our team is composed by a highly skilled staff that makes use of the latest equipment for the construction of injection/extrusion molds and die casting for Aluminum and Zinc alloy.

  • Quickness
  • Precision
  • High specializations

allow us to study the needs of our customers and realize their ideas permanently.