About Us

Gielle Technoplast srl

Gielle Technoplast S.r.l. is specialized in injection molding and extrusion of technical articles in thermoplastic material.

We are able to supply different sectors of market, from furnishing and building, with our wide range of levelling elements, handwheels, knobs, handles, stiff footerest profile, components for internal and external use of tubes, to that of overhead doors and fitness with plates, pulleys rollers and buffers.

For several years, thank to our production in PVDF SOLEF of tubes, fitting , valves and semi-finished products, we furnish the galvanic chemical and water treatment industry.

We are located near Lecco, but our customers are dislocated around the world, so we are able to manage every kind of shipping.

We process materials as : Nylon, Polypropylene, Polythene, Acetal, Polycarbonates, Thermoplastic rubbers, PVDF, ETFE, PEEK and others. .

Our experience, and continuous updating and training of machinery and our competencies, allows us to satisfy every customer requests, from the mold design to the final product.

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