Orders transmitted to Gielle Technoplast Srl by letter, fax, telephone, or e-mail shall be deemed accepted and the sale shall be deemed completed at the time and place where Gielle Technoplast Srl communicates its acceptance by any of the aforementioned means of communication and in accordance with the terms of such acceptance. Sales are made in accordance with these general conditions, unless otherwise expressly agreed upon in writing between Gielle Technoplast Srl and the buyer.


Unless otherwise agreed, the prices in effect at the time of delivery or shipment of the goods apply and the prices themselves are for goods returned ex our warehouse with packing at the buyer’s expense.


Delivery deadlines are approximate and do not commit us. We are not liable to pay compensation of any kind for any damages due to late delivery, interruption or partial or total termination of the supply.


Goods, even if sold free at destination, always travel at the buyer’s full risk. We do not guarantee either the transportation prices or the terms under which the transports are carried out. If necessary, we conclude transportation and insurance contracts only on behalf of the buyer and on precise instructions.


Payments must be made at the domicile of Gielle Technoplast Srl in accordance with the terms and conditions indicated in the order; failure to pay or delay in paying even a single part of the amount due shall result in forfeiture of the buyer’s bene¬ficio of the term with the right of Gielle Technoplast Srl to immediately demand payment of the entire remaining price. After the agreed deadlines have passed, interest on late payment will also be charged. Please note that late payment entitles us to suspend without notice, any ongoing supply. This sale is subject to the rules of sale by reservation of title as set forth in art. 1523 C.C. et seq.; ownership of the goods will pass to the buyer only upon payment of the full price.


The buyer assumes all risks related to the use of the part, and Gielle Technoplast Srl will not be responsible for damages and/or claims that may occur as a result of the buyer’s deviant use.


Any complaints must be made in writing within 8 days of receipt of the goods. The customer is required to provide clear and precise indications regarding critical dimensions and tolerances, the values of which are understood to be valid for the state existing at the time of the process controls, Gielle Technoplast Srl will not be liable in any way for any tampering.


In case of defects Gielle Technoplast Srl undertakes to replace the defective parts free of charge after the buyer has given written notice to Gielle Technoplast Srl. Replacements will be made with transportation costs borne by the buyer, with liability to the customer for loss costs or damage resulting from the defect being excluded. Gielle Technoplast Srl will not be responsible for problems and defects resulting from normal wear and tear of the parts, damage caused by improper or incorrect use of the parts. The guarantee provided by Gielle Technoplast Srl under this contract shall not operate in the event of non-payment of even one installment of the price by the buyer. However, Gielle Technoplast Srl’s supplies and workmanship are guaranteed only within the limits of the speci¬fications and technical requirements and/or specifi¬c controls as expressly agreed upon, for one month from delivery on condition that any defects are reported as provided for in Article 1495 of the Civil Code.


The buyer may not bring any claim or exception if he/she is not in good standing with the agreed payments.


The sale referred to in this contract is subject to the regulations of the sale with reservation of title referred to in Articles 1523 C.C. et seq. with the effect that what is sold remains the exclusive property of Gielle Technoplast Srl ¬until the agreed piece is paid in full. However, the buyer assumes the risks ¬until the goods are delivered. The same shall also undertake to notify the seller without any delay and in writing of any displacement and/or any legal proceedings that may affect the goods sold. In the event of failure to pay even a single installment, the amount of which exceeds the eighth part of the total agreed price, the buyer shall forfeit the benefit of the term, and the seller, without the need for a default notice, may demand the entire remaining price.


The Milan judicial authority has jurisdiction to decide any dispute arising. For anything not expressly provided for in the general and particular conditions of the contract, the Italian National Law is applicable.