Custom moulds

Since 1977, Gielle Technoplast has been involved in the injection moulding and extrusion of technical thermoplastic articles.

Continuous technological updates and in-depth knowledge of materials have enabled us to design and manufacture moulds according to specific customer requirements. The selection of the most suitable material for moulding contributes to ensuring the highest level of quality and perfection in the production of the finished product.

We are also able to provide rapid prototyping and/or small pre-series.

We build moulds for third parties in:

  • Plastic materials
  • Zamak
  • Aluminium

Engineering design on demand

The professionalism of our Technical Department and the support of our partner companies enables us to realise the most sought-after projects, for plastic components of any size.

For prototypes or small productions, Gielle Technoplast has a department for the mechanical machining of semi-finished plastic products to perform cutting, turning, milling, grinding and welding operations with quality and speed.

Based on the requirements and after a careful evaluation of the raw materials and their technical characteristics, we evaluate together with the customer the choice of the most suitable materials to guarantee the best quality of the finished product.

Our team is made up of highly specialised personnel using state-of-the-art tools for the construction of injection and extrusion moulds, and die-casting for aluminium and zamak.

Rapidity, precision and specialisation allow us to study our customers’ needs in the best possible way and provide the most efficient solutions.

Processing and assemblies

Following the specifications provided, we do mechanical processing of turning, milling, CNC to complete the product.
We also provide assembly, ultrasonic welding and packaging services for your products.

Our mission is to create high quality products that build customer loyalty.

The range of processing we offer:

  • Liquid and epoxy powder coating
  • Chrome plating
  • Metallisation
  • Packaging
  • Anodic oxidation
  • Ultrasonic welding