Chemical resistance

PVDF offers optimum resistance to large part of organic and inorganic acids, to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, to alcohols and halogen solvents. Moreover it withstands Bromine, Chlorine and lodine type halogens, but not Fluorine.

All information are end results of dipping tests and, in some cases of direct tests.
Except dierent indications, mentioned solutions are all aqueous. The writing “SATURED” means that the solution is saturated at that concentration and at 25° C.
The indication “%” species the solute quantity in grams per 100 grams of solution.

ReagentFormulaBoiling temp.ConcentrationResistance in °C
Butyl acetateCH₃COOC₄H₉126 °CTech. pure++0-
Ammonium acetateCH₃COONH₄Acqueus+++++
Lead acetatePb(CH₃COO)₂102 °CSaturated+++++
Sodium acetateCH₃COONa111 °CSaturated++++0
AcetoneCH₃ - CO - CH₃56 °CTech. pure00
Acetic acidCH₃COOH118 °CTech. pure++0-
Boric acidH₃BO₃Acqueus++++++
Hydrochloric acid HCI10% acqueus++++++
Hydrochloric acid HCI30% acqueus+++++
Chromic acidoCrO₃ + H₂O50% acqueus++++0
Hydrofluoric acido HF40% acqueus+++++
Hydrofluoric acido HF70% acqueus+++++
Formic acidHCOOH101 °CTech. pure++++
Phosphoric acidH₃PO₄50% acqueus+++++
Nitric acidHNO₃40% acqueus+++++
Nitric acidHNO₃65% acqueus++++0
Sulphuric acid H₂SO₄123 °C50% acqueus++++++
Sulphuric acid H₂SO₄123 °C90% acqueus+++++0
Nitrohydrochloric acidHNO₃ + HCI0
Ethyl alcoholCH₃ - CH₂ - OH78 °CTech. pure++++
Gaseous ammoniaNH₃ - 33 °CTech. pure+++++
BenzeneC₆H₆80 °CTech. pure++0-
Sodium bicarbonateNaHCO₃102 °CSaturated+++0
Sodium bisulphiteNaHSO₃50% acqueus+++++
BromineBr₂59 °CTech. pure+++
Potassium bromideKBr113 °C50% acqueus+++++
Sodium chlorateNaClO₃110 °C50% acqueus+++++
Humid chlorineCl₂Tech. pure+++++
Calcium chlorideCaCl₂125 °CSaturated++++++
Methyl chlorideCH₃Cl-24 °CTech. pure+++
DioxaneC₄H₈O₂101 °CTech. pure++0
Ethyl etherCH₃CH₂ - O - CH₂ CH₃35 °CTech. pure++0
Ammonium fluorideNH₄FSaturated+++
GlycerineC₃H₈O₃290 °CTech. pure++++++
Barium hydroxideBa(OH)₂102 °CSaturated++0-
Calcium hypochloriteCa(OCl)₂Saturated++0
Sodium hypochloriteNaOCl106 °C50% acqueus+0-
Decolorant leachNaOCl + NaCl50% acqueus+0
Methyl ethyl ketoneCH₃COC₂H₅80 °CTech. pure00
Calcium nitrateCa(NO₃)₂115 °C50% acqueus+++++
Sodium nitrateNaNO₃110 °C50% acqueus+++++
Hydrogen peroxideH₂O₂30% acqueus+++++
PyridineC₅H₅N115 °CTech. pure++00
Caustic sodaNaOH50% acqueus00-
Sodium sulphateNa₂SO₄105 °CSaturated+++++
Carbon tetrachlorideCCl₄77 °CTech. pure++0
TolueneC₇H₈111 °CTech. pure+++++
XyleneC₈H₁₀140 °CTech. pure++0-
SulphurSTech. pure+++++

+ Resistant
0 Limited resistance
– Not resistance