504 – ABS ball knob with threaded hole



Colour on request

Chrome plated, Painted

Unit of measurement


wdt_ID Cod. Ø AxB
1 504015MNSVF7 20x5 MA
2 504016MNSVF7 20x6 MA
3 504017MNSVF7 20x8 MA
4 504012MNSVF7 30x5 MA
5 504013MNSVF7 30x6 MA
6 504003MNSVF7 30x8 MA
7 504019MNSVF7 30x10 MA
13 504006MNSVF7 45x8 MA
14 504007MNSVF7 45x10 MA
16 504010MNSVF7 65x8 MA
Cod. Ø AxB